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When I was fifteen, I had about three options for footwear. I made it work, because I had no other option. And yes, size inclusivity around footwear is an important topic and one we are still preaching to deers.

Women With Large Feet

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If you struggle with your big feet, it's reassuring to know you're in good company. In fact several glamorous celebrities have large shoe sizes. They may have access to the top fashion deers, but famous women can be really self-conscious about their big feet too.

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There are some questions you should never ask a woman. Unless you have a solid reason, asking a woman her age is considered rude. It is also deemed inappropriate to ask her how much she weighs. Women also tend to become sensitive about the length of their feet because people used to equate huge foot size with masculinity.

Remember Cinderella? The human body is constantly evolving, and an increase in body size is usually caused by improved nutrition. This increased to a 5. By the s, the average female foot was a 7. Many celebrities actually have feet that are way bigger than the average woman. These celebrities should help boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself. In a particular Instagram photo that she posted inKendall was bashed for her feet. Although naked, her haters kept their focus on her feet.

Despite all the criticism, Kendall has remained unfazed and she has never shied away from wearing sandals. Khloe Kardashian attends the E! The German model has one of the sexiest feet in the industry. In an interview with Fitness Magazineshe spilled her secrets to wearing stiletto heels and taking care of her feet. Heidi said she wears foot cushions to ease the pain when she needs to be on her feet for 10 to 14 hours a day.

Heidi Klum draws attention to her big feet in Jimmy Choo Shiloh sandals. She also pampers her feet by getting a lot of manicures and pedicures. Heidi Klum squeezes her big feet into a pair of crystal-embellished PVC pumps.

She remains to be one of the most popular supermodels of all time. But unlike other models, Cindy Crawford is more famous for her athletic built. The American model is the same height as her model daughter, Kaiawhose shoe size is smaller at only 8.

She has been called Big Foot in the past and even Justin Timberlake once poked fun at the size of her feet. She wears a size 10 shoe. Her lead role in the Underworld film series made her into an action heroine. And perhaps having big feet helped her with some of her action scenes. Although she has huge feet, many actually agree that they are one of the sexiest in the industry.

Her feet are curvy and her toes are long but nice.

Growing up, Freida once said that she struggled to find shoes that fit her since her country only catered for smaller feet. She began her career in Hollywood at the age of 12, so she basically grew up in the limelight. Aside from her acting and beauty, her bold eyebrows also made her famous. One thing you might not know about the Blue Lagoon star is that she rocks a size 10 feet. Brooke Shields shows off her bunion and dry-looking big feet. Remember when she ran in high heels in the adventure film?

It was like her armor, you know? It was her strength. So yeah, I ran through the jungle, for a few months, in high-heeled shoes! Bryce Dallas Howard squeezes her big feet into a pair of lace-up sandals. Lucy Lawless slips her big feet into a pair of metallic peep-toe slingback pumps.

How to make your feet look smaller

Aside from her ature big blonde hair and her striking fashion sense, she is six-feet tall. Jerry Hall wears stockings with bow-detailed peep-toe pumps. Many love Jennifer Lawrence for her charismatic and easy-going personality. Perhaps having big feet is an advantage for athletes like Serena. Imagine running around the court and going after the ball with such huge feet.

They probably give her the balance and support that she needs while playing.

Serena Williams slips her big feet into a pair of nude sandals. Even film and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn had a larger than average shoe size. Even her Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio thinks her feet are hilarious.

She said that her mom actually wears a size The professional tennis player is another living proof that having big feet is beneficial for athletes. Maria is a former world one and a five-time grand slam champion. Her shoe size?

But while Cate is used to walking the red carpet, there are moments when she struggles to walk in heels. Remember when she took off her Givenchy shoes at the Cinderella premiere in ? Her size 11 feet could probably no longer stand the pain. Katie Holmes reportedly considered surgery for her crooked toes. She shot to fame in the romantic-comedy When Harry Met Sally and became the queen of rom-com in the s.

Meg Ryan wears silver platform heels for her size 11 feet. The Shakespeare In Love star has always been comfortable about her body. Gwyneth Paltrow at the launch party of her collaboration with Frederique Constant on June 21, She just loves showing off her sexy toes in deer heels. Although Uma has a well-proportioned body, she once said that she felt insecure about how she looks.

Uma Thurman feels insecure about her tall height and big feet.

2. khloe kardashian – size 10 (us)

Paris Hilton at the Savage x Fenty show on September 10, In her memoir, she confessed that the one thing she hated the most about her body was her size 11 feet. Paris Hilton started her own footwear company catering to women with big feet.

Nicole Kidman showcases her nice pretty long feet in Alexandre Birman sandals. Back inwhile cleaning out her closet for charity with O, The Oprah Magazine creative director Adam Glassman, Women with large feet Queen of all Media discovered why her shoes were uncomfortable. She realized she was buying the wrong size of shoes. She admitted to wearing a size 10, which was one size smaller than her shoe size of As a result, she auctioned off all her size 10 shoes and restocked her wardrobe with her actual shoe size.

For someone shorter than the average, having size 11 feet is quite strange. Aside from her rather odd fictional character roles, she is also known for having strangely large feet. They were even a hot topic on Twitter in after fans noticed her huge feet on Hemlock Grove. Tyra Banks wears size Apparently, her feet have grown larger, too. She has size Tyra Banks slips her big feet into a pair of studded caged sandals.

1. kendall jenner – size 10 (us)

Before becoming an award-winning actress, Geena Davis earned a living as a model. One could easily tell she modeled during her younger years based on her statuesque frame. She stands six-foot flat, and just like other models, she also has larger-than-average feet, which are a size She is known for her record five cover appearances for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue beginning in the s. Elle Macpherson at the launch of her alkalizing health and beauty supplement, The Super Elixir, on May 22, With her beauty and height of six feet, Elle never fails to grab attention.

But one thing you probably have not noticed about the Aussie model is her feet. She boasts a size 12, which is one of the largest in this list. For someone that tall, having such huge feet makes perfect sense.

Celebrity women with bigger shoe sizes

Elle Macpherson wears size 12 sandals. Five-time Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin tops the list of celebrity women with big feet. Missy Franklin holds the biggest foot size of Your Next Shoes.

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