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As a result, they tend to have a great deal of stress. Having friendships with other nurses tends to alleviate it and help in more ways than you might imagine.

Nurse From Texas Looking For Friend

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Friends of the second U. Amber Vinson, 29, came under public fire this week when the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared she should never have been on a commercial flight — hours before it was revealed the agency green-lighted her to fly with a mild temperature. News of Vinson's weekend trip to plan her wedding has sowed panic in northeastern Ohio, where nurses who were on one of her flights were put on paid leave from work, two schools were closed for cleaning because a parent had contact with her, and a bridal shop she visited was shuttered.

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And some of those wind up being friends for life. Experts tell us that expanding a friend circle stretches an individual.

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Moving beyond the styles and perspectives of a limited geographical area helps us question our assumptions, adding new dimensions to our identities, which le to a richer, deeper life. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways travel nurses can make friends while on the job. Here are just a few tips suggested by experienced American Mobile travelers:. Travel with a friend! Book an asment together in an exciting destination and create memories that will help you develop a lasting friendship.

Leverage social media.

Apps for meeting new people

By watching the messages and comments closely, you can try to connect with other travel nurses who may be ased at the same facility. The two of you could have your whole site-seeing itinerary scheduled before you step off the plane! Like social media, online nursing forums are a great way to connect.

Many forums have have chat rooms specifically for travel nurses. Meet up with the person or have regular discussions via phone to get a sense of their honesty and reliability. No place like the Internet to disguise true identity and get up to various hijinx!

Another way to leverage social media is to let Instagram and Facebook friends know that you have a short or long-term asment in a new city, and would welcome any local social referrals they may recommend. Be Bold! Another one for the courageous only.

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Your shyness will dissipate once you see how ready others are to help you or open themselves up to new experiences. Another good way to quash the self-consciousness is to add a little humor to your notices. Travel nurse missing her dog would love to know about that and other Seattle attractions. Be friendly and take the initiative at work.

If you smile and indicate interest in hanging out with the staff nurses, you may find yourself invited along to happy hours and other outings. Any social group needs new blood from time to time.

Your unique experiences and perspective can invigorate a group of friends. Initiate your own social outings, such as a movie, shopping, or just coffee. Friendships and lives are always in flux.

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Plus, staff nurses are often curious about travel nursing jobs. Find out about medical surgeryemergency roomlabor and delivery travel nursing jobs and more in the destinations of your dreams!

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By using this site, you consent to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy information, please see our Privacy Policy. Travel Nursing June 8, Here are just a few tips suggested by experienced American Mobile travelers: 1.

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AMN Healthcare, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Trending News. Nurses practicing in a post-anesthesia care unit care for patients as they regain consciousness after receiving anesthesia post operation. Read on to find out what life is really like as a PACU nurse.

Find out how dialysis travel nurses draw on their critical thinking skills to ensure end-stage kidney disease patients receive optimal care. Looking for the right travel nursing company? Expert travel nurse recruiter shares the most common mistakes RNs make when choosing a travel nursing company.

Cath lab nursing requires critical care skills and plays an important role in helping diagnose and treat patients with cardiac conditions. Read on to find out what actually happens in the cath lab and what the average salary is for a cath lab travel nurse at American Mobile! Travel Nursing Questions. How can I help you?